"...very much recommended reading." - Midwest Book Review

The Fourth Book of Five

Thirteen year old Nicolai Tate is tired of running. Homeless and pursued by the authorities, he is befriended by an old man seemingly able to see into the future and soon finds himself living in a boarding house full of misfits. There he encounters an unemployed drifter, Truman Birdsong, also without a home. Together, they forge an unlikely partnership.


Dodging children’s services and thugs hired by two wealthy brothers intent on owning the county, they join with the boarding house residents in trying to unravel the truth behind an anti-government militia’s plot. They have little idea the danger they will face. Punctuated by a budding romance, a violent storm and the old man’s belief in the spirit world, the story follows Truman and Nicolai as they struggle to find their way.

The Fourth Book of Five is available through various retailers, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Chancer's Almanac

Is it fate or chance that rules our lives, luck or destiny? Are our futures already written or is life, after all, just a toss of the dice, the odds landing with us or against us? Odds have played an outsized role in the life of Chancer Wylls. Events seem to sweep him along, carrying him toward ends he can scarcely imagine.

The year is 1971 and, shaken by the Vietnam War, student protests and personal heartbreak, Chancer struggles to find his way, recording it all in the form of a year-long almanac. Thirty years later his daughter discovers the journal, taking the reader on a journey that parallels her own turbulent times. Covering the years 1971 and 2001 in tandem, the story charts a dual course, the paths of which are eerily alike - whether by fate or chance.


Chancer's Almanac is available through various retailers, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.